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Real life keeps me busy, but the design pipeline is still live!

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Yamaha C3 (1995) Grand Piano by daisukekazama
Yamaha C3 (1995) Grand Piano
Another practice drawing. Ink on paper. We have this piano at home: Yamaha C3, model 1995 I believe. Made for my sister's birthday.

The perspective is off in places and... oh god, please don't look at the keys, they're awful...
First journal in three years!! o_O (Where has the time gone?) 

Anyway, I figure this is as good a time as any to announce that I'm tentatively plotting a return to drawing. As my few (and valued!) watchers are no doubt well-aware, I've been pretty much inactive for the past few years. Most telling is the fact that a full two years passed between the Tecpatl SMG design (2012) and my most recent Albatross design (June 2014). Even in 2012, I only really made two designs, the aforementioned Tecpatl and the M720 revolver. In comparison, in 2011, I was submitting something at least every month. 

I had a chance to look over my gallery this summer, and it's become pretty painfully obvious to me that, fundamentally, I haven't really progressed as an 'artist.' Sparsity - the fact that I my work is spontaneous and far-between - is a big part of the problem. More importantly, though, I've never considered my work 'art,' and I've made little effort to develop and hone artistic skills. I've never taken a serious art class, and while I've perused tutorials and tried techniques here and there, I've never really committed to the sort of drilling, practice, and study required to really improve. I want to change that.

The big reason I stopped drawing is simply schoolwork. I just graduated from college this past May, with a double major in mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering. I also shot target archery for my school, and as I became more and more engrossed in this sport, my creative energies just sort of dissipated.

The thing is, as a kid, I drew all the time: my grade school notes have more doodles than actual notes, and my room at home is covered with old drawings my parents (mind-bogglingly) saw fit to frame. Eventually, though, I decided that I couldn't draw people, then gave up on drawing altogether. But if archery has taught me anything, it's that building proficiency takes dedicated practice and a willingness to work with imperfection. 

So don't let the dust in my gallery deceive you: I'm doing more drawing now than I've ever done at any other time. I'm also planning on taking an actual art course (my first o_O) this fall in grad school. Hopefully, I'll be back to submitting stuff soon :)
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Hinckley Triumph Bonneville T100 by daisukekazama
Hinckley Triumph Bonneville T100
A Father's Day gift for my dad, a fan of all things wheeled and motorized. Drafted in pencil and inked. 

A few careless errors here and there from the cluttered pencilwork... :/


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United States
In order of priority: engineer - archer - wannabe artist :D

I'm an amateur artist and concept designer with a specialty in weaponry. Unfortunately, my artistic skills are limited at best, since real-life concerns prevent me from practicing as often as I'd like, so constructive feedback is always appreciated. Contrary to what my gallery might suggest, I don't advocate or practice violence (I glorify practical aesthetics, which isn't the same thing).

Any and all of the weapons designs in my gallery are free for your use. I just ask that you:

-Let me know beforehand
-Credit me somewhere
-Link me to the submission (if it's on dA) or instance of use (if otherwise) so I can see how others (re)interpret my work. I'm curious to see what you can do :)

Just an FYI, since I've gotten lots of notes on this topic and I end up repeating myself every time.

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